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Water Mist




• Stainless steel cylinders welded with TIG system (Tungsten Inert Gas). • 100% Hydrostatically tested.
• Unique surface treatment. Semi matt polished extinguisher. • Forged brass valve with pressure gauge.
• Synthetic dielectric rubber hose of great maneuverability. The nozzle produces a very thin spray that increases the cooling power. It doesn´t produce thermic neither electric shock. Testing in concordance to IRAM 3544 standards at a tension of 100kv.
• Ventouri type nozzzle.
• Compressed air pressurization.
• Easy to use compact equipment. Simple maintenance.
• Extinguishing agent: Tri-destilled and deionized water. It doesn´t affect the ozone layer and neither contributes to global warming.

Tech Specs
Nominal capacity (kg) 10 dm3
Loaded weight (kg) 13
Height (mm) 620 / 650
Width (mm) 240
Depth (mm) 190
Discharge time (s) 75
Discharge Range (m) 3/4
Temperature range (°C) 5 a 50
Service pressure (Mpa) 0,8
Tested pressure (Mpa) 2,0
Wall bracket Yes
Fire extinguisher IRAM std.# 3693
Code A147