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Choosing an extinguisher

To choose the ideal fire extinguisher, first of all it is necessary to know what type or class of fire is needed to be extinguished.
The dotation (quantity) and capacity of the fire extinguishers are determinate by standards and local laws. Consult health and safety professionals.

Classes of fires – Types of extinguisher:

Class A fires: Solid fuels. After burning, these kinds of fires leave embers or ashes, like: paper, cloth and wood, etc.
Class B fires: Flammable liquids and gases, such as: gasoline, paint, natural gas, alcohol, butane, etc.
Class C fires: Are fires involving energized electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, and appliances.
Class D fires: Are fires in combustible metals and chemical reactive products, such as: magnesium, titanium, sodium and potassium.
Class K fires: Are fires in kitchens involving oils and greases from vegetal or animal origin.